Sari & Mark

Wedding Date 19.01.19

A first kiss between Sari & Mark

A first kiss between Sari & Mark


Sari and Mark met the old school way, outside Borche, Vodka, Tears (a bar in South Yarra, Melbourne). No tinder, no bumble - we almost don’t know what to do with this answer.

I was walking past with my girlfriends and Mark was out the front having a drink and he just said hi.
— Sari La Roque Ferrari


Sari came into ODB determined to try on the ‘Gilmore skirt and bodysuit set’. Whilst Sari said she had a lot of fun trying on other beautiful gowns, but nothing could match the feeling she had in the Gilmore set; effortless yet with a sophisticated edge that she felt comfortable in.


Adrianna became my new best friend, she was the ultimate wing-woman with trusted and honest advice, nothing was too hard and she helped make the experience really special.
CEREMONY VENUE:  Sorrento Historic Park, special to the couple as it is where they picnic in the summer

CEREMONY VENUE: Sorrento Historic Park, special to the couple as it is where they picnic in the summer

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 12.57.50 pm.png


I’m sure every bride gets told to ‘take it all in’- so we did, not once but at any opportunity we could.

We saw how truly beautiful it everything was; not just the setting but that everyone was here to celebrate us and love. You don’t get these opportunities if you sweat the small stuff so remember to smile, don’t over think and you’ll realise it really does become the best day of your life.

A moment between newlyweds Sari & Mark

A moment between newlyweds Sari & Mark


@Katie_harmsworth Katie Harmsworth, I just knew I had to have her and felt pretty honoured that we did. She is a true professional but has a way of making us feel comfortable and laugh along the way.   

Our original photo location; Spray Point (where Mark proposed) was sadly hosting a memorial on that day and we had to on the spot think of a new location to shoot which was even better than the first.


DEO: TANGO Films- Lochy and Jay what a duo!


Renee Camilleri- it was super windy by the beach and I didn’t need to fix my hair once


Danielle Gardiner – my go to for any occasion and someone you definitely want the morning of your wedding


I had a pair of stand-out earrings from Sable + Dixie so opted for a subtle nude pair of Zoe Wittner shoes that also didn’t take away from my dress.


One Fell Swoop


Badlands and Co- I’ve always loved blue hues, minimal greenery and abstract in design


No cake on the night but an custom ice cream cake for the recovery (we always get each other silly ice cream cakes for our birthdays) – instead on the night we had a cheese trolley, a Negroni bar and roving desserts


From VERVE Agency- Maya (on vocals) Harry (sax) and Sean (DJ) we had cocktail hour with Café del Mar vibes and then dancing well into the night… well morning!

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The Grid

For those Bridezillas living outside Melbourne, Victoria, Glamour on the Grid is the official launch party for the Formula 1® Rolex Australian Grand Prix. Gone are the days of fast cars and formula 1 being a spectator sport for husbands and men alone; Glamour on the Grid is a fine affair which finds Australian celebrities and fashionistas brushing shoulders with race car drivers and vested enthusiasts. The energy was high and our One Day & Chosen crew found themselves quickly swept away by the sounds of roaring race cars and distant popping champagne.

If you’re still not convinced that the Grand Prix is your type of races, we think the live performances from popular singer Vanessa Amorosi and DJs Tay James and Will Pyett, as well as a trackside fashion show from the Emporium Melbourne Fashion will tip you over the edge.

Here is how our Chosen By One day Crew Kyha Simpson, Anna Weatherlake, Emma Davenport & Sarah Czarnuch got ready and celebrated the night.

Glamazons Start Your Engines

Decisions, decisions - Jewels by @chosenbyoneday of course

Decisions, decisions - Jewels by @chosenbyoneday of course

The Pure earrings by @chosenbyoneday were Sarah’s earring of choice

The Pure earrings by @chosenbyoneday were Sarah’s earring of choice

glamour on the grid 3.jpg


Makeup by @maetaylor_makeupartist from



Makeup & Hair

@maetaylor_makeup from

IMG_5599 2.jpg


Makeup & Hair


glamour on the grid 4.jpg
Kyha wore Chosen’s cult classic gown, the Nala, in white with a custom bow back
IMG_5530 2.jpg
Anna wore the ‘Freya’ gown from Chosen’s most recent April 2019 collection - Limoncello
Sarah wore the statement ‘HUGO’ pants and Chosen bandeau. The perfect glamorous & polished look for the event
Emma Davenport stunned in a custom One Day Creation
Golden Girls for AusGP Grand Prix, snapped by AMPR

Golden Girls for AusGP Grand Prix, snapped by AMPR

Chosen’s album ‘Grand Prix’ will be launching this Autumn

Chosen’s album ‘Grand Prix’ will be launching this Autumn

and of course, no Behind-the-scenes-blog would be complete without a bloopers reel - click to scroll through


What are you looking at? That’s all bridezillas


Golden light - we love it, and as a result we are forever chasing the perfect sunrise. On this particular morning, we were running late for our highly anticipated shoot. Our gorgeous, but small, Italian car could only fit half the Chosen team and as the first half departed the sun began to rise. Out of sheer worry that we were going to miss the sun, half the team took what we had packed in the first car and set sail on the awaiting boats. We may not have had every look we anticipated, or even the whole team, but we did have the perfect sunrise.

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 4.51.00 pm.png


Set against Capri's beautiful cliffs and teal blue waters we knew we would find the breathtaking hues we were after. In the background is Capri's famous Faraglioni or ‘Love Tunnel’ which is said to be good luck for lovers if you kiss whilst passing through.


Our picturesque boats, that made the shoot what it was and gave us landscapes that varied between the rocks, land and sea, were organised by the talented and generous Giovanni Prea. We owe Giovanni a lot more than a boat ride as he was the unsung hero of our shoot. At one point, our Chosen team casually tossed our sequin ‘Hugo Pants’ from one boat to the other, missing just slightly. The Pants began to sink, let’s blame it on the high-quality embroidery, and Giovanni dove into the sea diving impressively deep to retrieve the pants.


Boat One meets its Counterpoint in boat two

Boat One meets its Counterpoint in boat two

I remember this exact moment sitting with Monica Gingold in Giovanni’s boat thinking, ‘is this real?’
— Kyha Simpson, Founder of Chosen By One Day
Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 3.06.35 pm.png

Makeup & Hair

We were incredibly fortunate to have the talented and original Monica Gingold, an absolute wizard with a makeup brush, with us from dusk to dawn. Typically based in Melbourne, Monica is the founder of Tonic Make Up Agency and is a game changer, or should we say face changer, in her industry. The flawless makeup and swept up bun made these photos different from anything we've done before. For the Freya dress and Hugo pants, we loved this youthful feel.



The Shot

We have had the pleasure of shooting with Emily Abay previously and are always in awe of her composition, lighting and commitment to getting the shot. Her ability to stay standing whilst shooting on a moving boat was impressive to say the least.


Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 3.05.40 pm.png

The Talent

Danika Pienaar, a South African born beauty, was energetic, beautiful and versatile in photos and on set. Danika is always a pleasure to have and playfully made a rocking boat look like an effortless set



Having a Play

Our morning departure made for an and interesting beginning.  We packed all the gowns we could get our hands on, and as a result, found ourselves with some unexpected pieces. Rather than being afraid to try something new we took the opportunity to play with our Lennox gown paired with the Hayes bandeau and Hugo Pants (pictured below). The results were something we’ve never seen before and a few looks that would be stunning on a modern bride.


Chosen Team

Our vivacious team of creatives is primarily based in Melbourne, Australia, so this European tour was certainly one for the books. It never ceases to amaze us how when you surround yourself with the right people the magic just happens, quickly and often in unexpected places. Whilst it is not always blush roses and sunrises, our team has a one-of-a-kind ability to have a lot of fun while getting the vision right